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Discerning between fake "national emergencies"

and our world's actual RATIONAL emergency?


"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things..."

- Lewis Carroll | The Walrus and the Carpenter

like cultivating contextual consciousness

through RPR revolutionary radio!

“Vulcanians do not speculate. I speak from pure logic.”

- Spock | Star Trek

Why?  Why?  Why?


"that was RPR"

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RationalPublicRadio TM (RPR) informal pre-launch R&D analytics for a limited duration, in fair-use for educational purpose spirit, lists a spectrum of links to non-RPR content that may inspire, challenge, and entertain listeners, so thanks for taking a moment to listen and share onward whatever ya' dig most to indicate preferences for future RPR created content.  

Listen at your own risk.  Listening to opinions not shared does not equate to agreement aka content accessible via RTR is non-representative of RTR opinions, collective nor individual of any associates or affiliates.

Crrow777Radio Episode 119: Freedom - Guaranteed by Central Banks and Corporations that Care


Mind of State Democracy & the Decline of Reason


Media Indigena Ep. 169: Putting Science under an Indigenous microscope


Mind of State White Identity Politics Is Bigger Than the KKK



Patterson in Pursuit Ep. 95 - The Highest IQ in America | Christopher Michael Langan author of the Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU)  http://steve-patterson.com/ep-95-highest-iq-america-christopher-langan/

note:  Christopher Michael Langan's "controversial opinions," easily accessible via online searches, ie; on race, immigration, gender and demonization of violence under "non-violent" systemic oppression, were not discussed in this podcast, though they could at the least be debated to propose a more accurate renaming of his theory to..."CTMyou"....you=ironically self-reflective limitation of any "universal" theory allowing vs. correcting systemic misperceptions of "the other"'s existence., ie; is reality really "reality" if it's merely your own, in which, its existence in "shared reality" perpetuates conveniently decontextualized erroneous racist, misogynist, and xenophobic platitudes inverted as obfuscated linguistic extrapolations masquerading as philosophical proofs vs. identified as glaring theoretical errors correlative to the insufficiency of their non-isolated living out?  In short, theorizing "universal reality" includes a cohesive accounting for vs. non-cohesive exclusion or isolation of divergent self-determined "other's" experiences vs. redefining "universal" as "individual," an inverted too-narrowly scoped invalid distinction non-equivalent to cohesively resolving and elegantly describing a not-individual-only shared universal reality.  Yes, that's a direct challenge to all woke academic professional and non-professional philosophers, to disprove whatever portion of CTMU  that Langan in praxis legitimizes living out experiential and intellectual isolationism's ironic arrogance of privileged ignorance whenever"realities" of any population are forced, even via "non-violence", through an-other(s) perceived reality vs. equitable all-"realities"-inclusivity as requisite for experiencing or explaining anything "universal"............potential titles for this counter argument could be "Racist gravity and other erroneously isolationist non-universally-existing insufficient theories of not-everything" or "Motherhood finally proven not a part of reality, by a man privileged to non-experientially theorize realities from inside an isolated affirmation echo-chamber".....hit us with the URL to that critical episode whenever ready!  

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Cultivating Contextual Consciousness.  TM

Why?  Why?  Why?


"that was RPR"

RationalPublicRadio TM "is"

an independent media organization

founded with a mission for the public to

access and create

more equitably informed media. 

Yes, both sincerity and satire are afoot.  



RationalPublicRadio TM "is"

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malevolent manufactured


by contributing our individual 

self-determined creativity toward

inventing a non-hierarchical

wonka-wild-wonderful ​


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