Cultivating Contextual Consciousness.  TM


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4 + by real living people





Discerning between fake "national emergencies"

and our world's actual RATIONAL emergency?


"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things..."

- Lewis Carroll | The Walrus and the Carpenter

like cultivating contextual consciousness

through RPR revolutionary radio!

“Vulcanians do not speculate. I speak from pure logic.”

- Spock | Star Trek

Why?  Why?  Why?


"that was RPR"

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Why are there just url links below for now?

RationalPublicRadio TM (RPR) informal pre-launch R&D analytics for a limited duration, in fair-use for educational purpose spirit, lists a spectrum of links to non-RPR content that may inspire, challenge, and entertain listeners, so thanks for taking a moment to listen and share onward whatever ya' dig most to indicate preferences for future RPR created content.  

Listen at your own risk.  Listening to opinions not shared does not equate to agreement aka content accessible via RTR is non-representative of RTR opinions, collective nor individual of any associates or affiliates.

URL link submission form coming soon.

Cultivating Contextual Consciousness.  TM

Why?  Why?  Why?


"that was RPR"

RationalPublicRadio TM "is"

an independent media organization

founded with a mission for the public to

access and create

more equitably informed media. 

Yes, both sincerity and satire are afoot.  



RationalPublicRadio TM "is"

a brand spanky new radio station

slated to seek 501(c)(3) status

(donations given now are NOT tax deductible yet,

but give any amount now or purchase products

to hasten awesome audible actualization afoot!)

+ a FWO "DO FUN" concept

+ merch line to remind + encourage

human terrestrials to rise above

malevolent manufactured


by contributing our individual 

self-determined creativity toward

inventing a non-hierarchical

wonka-wild-wonderful ​


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